About us

About us

Since its establishment on January 1, 2016, we have perceived architecture in a visionary way, but also realistically – comprehensively. However, from the first impulse, the idea of building or the dream of owning your own home to the comfortable management and operation of the building, there is a long journey that we help with and that we can cover – in other words, from dream to reality.

We thus bring a solution to the whole. Complex. Visionary.

BIM, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, 360° visualizations along with sustainability and an ecological approach, passive houses, real safety and security at work, precise tenders, and many other values. We do the architecture honestly and finish the details.

We are DAR: Dream Architecture Reality


Dream brings the first steps, the initial consultation with us and then after setting the input requirements you can order the steps of financing, real estates and preliminary feasibility study that will help us to define your dream from the financial point of view, as well as to find for it the most suitable location and ultimately the verification of all input requirements in the preliminary feasibility study. So, in the first phase, we will learn about the conditions of the entire process, and after approval, we will go into the architecture section for the next steps.


Architecture is a part of the steps that need to address and choose several professions and contact the concerned offices and organizations to complete the project documentation from the study step to the realization project step


Reality is the final part where we offer you services in successive steps from preparation to realization, such as selection of suppliers, realization of the building (interior / garden), final building approval to building management itself.

Our company has been allowed to cover the whole process for you and to provide you with a comprehensive service that will also serve you and everyone involved in the process of making and managing your dream, for easier communication and project management under one roof as a GIFT for you.
Make your dream come true with us and we’ll take care to keep it cost as little as possible up to the highest quality with information on the whole process.